4 inch Round Strobe Light Kit, Truck Tail Light Kits

Led Flashing Emergency Strobe Light
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  • Item #: STI-051 Kit R
  • Manufacturer: Sunway Mechanical & Electrical Technology
  • Condition: New

4 inch Round Led Strobe Flashing Light - Kit

** Price listed is for ONE individual light kit only. Need 2 or more, please order each kit individually.

This Led Light is controlled byan IC. You do not need any other parts to make it flash.

Good for Truck, Trailer, RV and Special vehicles.

Used for:

* Emergency Signal

* Break (Stop) Signal

* Turn Signal

* Tail light

*Special Purpose

4" Round, 56 LEDs, Red

+12 Volt.

Built with a Universal Female 3-prong pigtail.

** One - rubber grommet and one - 3-prong pigtail (are included).


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