4 inch Round Double Face U-Turn Light, Chrome U-Turn Led Light

4 inch round Double Sided Led Light
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  • Item #: UT-031
  • Manufacturer: Sunway Mechanical & Electrical Technology
  • Condition: New

4" Round Led Double Face Light + U-turn AMBER/RED

** This is for ONE individual light only. If you need 2 or more lights, then you must order each light individually.

Patented Product.

It is a standard  4" Round Double Face Red/Amber Led Light  plus an optional function "U-turn".

It combines Break/Turn/Tail (parking) and U-turn signal.

U-turn signal is controlled by a programmed IC to make "U" signal flashing, telling other drivers that you intend to make an u-turn.

It is independent and would not effect or harm existing signal system.

4" Round, 97 Led.

Red/Amber lens.

Chrome polished housing.

Single pedestal mount.

+12 Volt.


4 wires:

Red for break/ turn signal;

Black for tail/parking/running;

Yellow for u-turn ( this is optional. if you don't need U-turn signal, you don't need to connect it)

White for ground.





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