4 inch Round Amber Arrow Light, Round Arrow Lights

Round Arrow Led Lights, Led trailer Arrow Tail light
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  • Item #: STI-041A
  • Manufacturer: Sunway Mechanical & Electrical Technology
  • Condition: New

4 inch Round Amber Arrow Light  Arrow Light Amber      


* Price listed is for one light only. Need two or more lights you must order each light individually.


Good for truck trailer RV & special purpose.

Function: arrow turn signal & stop signal.

When turn, LEDs of arrow light up and blink;

when tail, all LEDs light up.


4" Round, 46 Led, Amber

Using Rubber Grommet Mount (*not included)

This Arrow light works on a +12 Volt Charge 

Build in Universal Female 3-Prong Pigtail. 


       Turn one light 180 degree to make one pair (left arrow & right arrow).


Sale price:  $9.95 each/per light



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